A Tale of Two Brains

This is a tale of two brains.

One brain is a normal brain inside a living body experimenting real life.

The other brain is a brain in a vat and hooked up to a computer executing a program that make it live a simulated life.

How can the two brains distinguish if they are in a living body or in a vat?

The answer is that it is impossible.

The brain in a vat lives, from its point of view, a life as real as that of the brain in the living body.

In some way the real and simulated life are equivalent.

However the life of the brain in a vat looks to us like empty and senseless.

So, are our lives alike to those of brains in a vat?

Maybe, but if this is, the only reality we can count on is made of dreams.

Dreams give us sensations, emotions, motivations, strength.

Dreams make our lives worth to be lived.

Written and Posted by (Re)searching Buonocof Blog.

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