High performance organic transistors

A new inkjet printing technique has been introduced for high performance organic transistors and presented in a recent issue of Nature,  by AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) Japanese team directed by Tatsuo Hasegawa in collaboration with University of Tokio and CMRC institute. In last years alternatives to the inorganic solid state transistors have been found by producing innovative transistors based on organic materials such as conductive polymers requiring less expensive chemical techniques that can be adapted for high throughput. Unfortunately organic transistors exhibit poor performances and properties degrading with time. The new technique is successful by selecting an ink made by mixing the organic semiconductor (a benzothiophene polymer) with a solution in which the semiconductor is not solvable.  Once deposited uniform and crystalline thin films at the liquid–air interface are produced with high electrical conductivity.

On Physicsworld.com


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