A disgression about water on the Moon

A recent article published on Science present new insights on the presence of water on the Moon and a new stone has been added to the long debate. Analysis of melt from primitive lunar vulcan eruptions found inclusion of not-degassed water. The volatile contents are similar to primitive terrestrial rocks, and this makes scientists conclude that maybe in the interior of the Moon water is still present. The conclusion is quite surprising because it was thought that the Moon detached from Earth when a Mars-sized body hit our planet (*) followed by sudden de-gassing, so no water should be found. In the future this water, if eventually found, could be used in a lunar base.

*:  it is impressive to think to a Mars-sized body hitting Earth as happened in very old ages. Fortunately, it is an event very rare.

Moon Formation
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2 thoughts on “A disgression about water on the Moon

  1. The water could have been brought back to the Moon via asteroids. However, my best guess would be that the water ejected in the collision would have frozen, and eventually over time found its way back onto the lunar surface.

  2. New article about the same topic here: Further doubts cast over lunar formation models http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/49120

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