My very first post: I introduce myself

Hello everyone! This is my very first post on WordPress. I’m going to present my past and present scientific activity in the site and to blog news and thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

This is from my profile:

Francesco Buonocore was born in Italy on June 2th, 1970. He received the degree in Physics in March 1997, from the University of Napoli “Federico II”. In June 1998 he got a grant from INFM (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica della Materia) on theoretical studies in confined electronic systems. Since April 1999 he was Ph.D. student at the Department of Physics of the University of Naples “Federico II” under supervision of Prof. Giuseppe Iadonisi and Prof. Domenico Ninno; he concluded his doctorate in October 2001 with the thesis entitled: “Localized states in deformed quantum wires and applications on porous silicon”. Since June 2001 he has been working in STMicroelectronics. He is author of several scientific publications on refereed international journals. He is inventor of three patents. His research interests are on theoretical investigations of physical properties of mesoscopic structures, with particular regard to molecular electronics, carbon nanotubes, quantum wires and quantum dots. He is member of the Italian fellowship of physicists ANFeA (Associazione Nazionale Fisica e Applicazioni).

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